My name is BrocheAroe.

My family used to joke that every year for my birthday, I’d receive a new watch and a new camera. This was because I’d worn out the ones from the previous year. I no longer wear a watch, but I still love cameras. I grew up playing with 35mm disposables, shaking my Polaroid pictures (no one told me then I wasn’t supposed to), and sending my used film through the mail for cheap 3×5 copies in return.

My most prized possession is the Minolta my mother gave me on my 16th birthday; she used in the field as an Anthropologist in the ’80s. The light meter is shot, it hates the cold, but I still use it for the memories and the portraits it takes.

Around 2013, I got a smart phone, and then broke down and got a digital camera. I like my phone’s camera for the quick and dirty, for the Instagrammable, for the Facebook updates to friends and family. I still prefer to grab a camera with film if I’m going on a hike or experimenting.

I’m a passionate amateur trying to learn from those more experienced than me.

I can be reached at wildlymade(at)gmail(dot)com.

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